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Snowbelt starts in Camden w/ TC Riders - NYSSA 2015 Club of the Year !!!
During the 2010-11 season, we had some snow.
SnowTrails TV featured Oneida County.
For those who missed the program,

click here to watch the video.
Quite a lot of T.C. Riders' trails are featured,
including our two Tucker groomers & drags.

A few comments from over the years . . .
"Hats off to all TC members who have done such a great job maintaining trails. They are by far the best groomed and signed trails in the area. You should be very proud of your efforts."

" .  .  .  . My favorite sign, though, was on C4i where we entered the trails of the TC Riders.  It said "Welcome to the TC Riders Snowmobile Club Trails" (just over the Oneida County border).  And the trail immediately became flat... Now I know who to thank! .  .  .  . "

"Just had to drop your club a quick note.  Rode your trails on Thursday, what a great experience.  Grooming, signage was just great.   Hats off to all of you, you set the benchmark for all others.  Can’t wait to come back again."

"I just wanted to say a little about your trail system.  I rode from Redfield to Boonville on Friday and your trails were some of the best trails we hit that day.  I just wanted to thank your groomer operators for their efforts.  The trails were very easy to follow and were all marked very well.   Keep up the good work and thanks again for the great trails."

"I was wondering about your trail conditions now that there is new snow from the weekend.   I'm thinking about coming up Wednesday thru Friday.  A couple of years ago, I rode your trails and they were awesome."

"I have always been pleasantly surprised as to how well the TC Rider trails are maintained and remain in great shape almost any time I have been out.   This was the case this past Friday as well.   I thought, weather conditions considered, the TC trails were in great shape and greatly enjoyed that portion of my ride.  Again, I just want to extend my sincere thanks to the volunteers that do an absolutely excellent job on the trails keeping them in great shape for many people to enjoy a great ride."

"Thanks for excellent trails throughout the season!  Your club is one of the best on the hill, providing safe and enjoyable trails.   I could not believe the shape/condition of 46 Corners on my Saturday ride, truly the best of the season.  Thanks again for making our season fun and safe."

"Riding the hill, everyone asks me where should we go.  There is only one answer to that.  Stay on the South Hill.   T.C. Riders period.  Camden to be exact."

"Thanks for the great grooming job."

"FYI- Trail conditions very good!"

"Thanks again for another excellent year of what I call the best trails on the Hill --- Camden T.C.Riders . . . South Hill #1."

" .   .   .   best trails were TC RIDERS.  Gotta tell ya folks, these were as good I've ridden this season.  .  ."

"All of the trails this year are in much better shape up in Tug Hill, but yours still stand out above the rest.  We are always happy to see the TC Riders signs."

"I can not imagine riding flatter trails. . ."

"Your trails are always the best, bar none."

"As usual T.C. Riders trails were in mint condition, great job and thank you. "

".   .   .   your trails are the best groomed trails in the area.  They are wide, well maintained/groomed.   Thank you for all that you do and keep up the great work!!!!"

"There are a couple guys in our club that said your trails are the best and by far their favorite place to ride, so we ventured up ourselves and were very pleased!"

"You guys, gals are unreal with the way you keep your part of the trail the besssstttttt!!!"

"I just wanted to commend you guys for always doing a superb job with your trails . . ."

"I would like to thank all who are involved in maintaining your trails, also our group would like to know if your club could groom the rest of the state?  EXCELLENT JOB!"

"I want to thank TC Riders for Awesome Trails on Friday.  A friend of mine and I started at Empeyville at 8:30 AM and 46 corners area was incredible."

"Thanks for another great season, you guys did a great job."

"Once again our family would like to commend your club on the trail work and grooming you do so well."

"Ahhh, TC Riders..one of the best in the biz!  Always brings a smile seeing the "You are now entering TC Riders trail system"..

"You do a wonderful job.  The best my wife and I have ever seen."

". . . even with marginal conditions you guys do a fantastic job!"

". . . great job on the trails this year!!!!!!"

"Trails improved drastically when I entered the TC Riders trail system."

". . . great job TC Riders.  For the few times we unloaded at Hanifin and rode out of there it was A++."

"It's always great to see your signs on the trails - it means smooth sailing to me! You guys do a great job!

". . . Thanks from an old snowmobiler who enjoys going up to your area.  Always the best conditions that weather allows.   Great trails.  GREAT JOB!!!"

". . . seeing "Welcome to TC Riders Trail System" always brings a smile to my face.  Even on Wednesday when all other trails were iced over and whooped out, you guys managed to stay on top of it and keep it smoooooooth sailing!"

"I've been riding the hill since '95.   Have to say IMO TC Riders are doing the best job."

"We enjoy traveling the TC Riders system because of how well the trails are maintained!"

"Almost each season I turn on at least a handful of riders to the 46 Corners area and most of them say to me... What club is this?  I tell them and they say well this is my club next season."

"Smoothest trails Sunday were 46 Corners and they groomed Sunday night.  That shows what kind of club they are.  As good as it gets."

"Great job on the trails. I went out for the first time ever this weekend and yours were the best! Glad I joined TC Riders!"

"You guys did a terrific job on your trails this past weekend."

"I always say I just want to ride around 46 . . . . Love it!"

"My wife and I had 3 great rides out of 46 Corners this winter and the TC Rider trails were well signed and always groomed flat."

". . . You guys do a great job at grooming the trails, early morning on Saturday the trail was like glass."

"TC Riders trails as usual were completely flat and wide . . ."

"Rode your trails 2 weekends ago....best trails we rode all weekend AND my husbands sled was having issues, some nice people stopped to ask if everything was ok.  We needed oil and they were kind enough to go to their camp down the road and get us some.  Only to find out this was the President of TC Riders club!!!  Thanks for your great trails and being incredibly kind people!!

"All I can say is that TC Riders have some of the best trails I have ridden in NY, and do such an AWESOME job at grooming.   Great job ALL, keep up the great work."

". . . we headed towards tc riders trails.  lemme tell you, these things were like concrete highways."

"Thanks for another great year, TC Riders club knocked it out of the park again."

"I joined your club this year due to the fact I rode your trails last yr and were like riding a dream.  Keep up the good work.

"Whenever I entered the trail system of the TC Riders, I was proud to say that I am a member.    . . . your club is by far the best! You have the best trails, best signage, best intersection markings, best grooming, best ease of membership, best correspondence, and the best website."

"Wanted to say what awesome trails you have in this area.   Very well marked and well groomed.  Had our best ride this season on your trails.  Keep up the good work!"

"Thanks for doing such a great job on the trails.  As usual they have been really awesome."

"TC Riders had the best trails by far."

"I have nothing but Great things to say about TC riders!  you do a excellent job grooming."

". . . we decided to go on a ride and I figured your trails would be the best- which they were.  Great job again on your trails this year."

"Your trails have consistently been very well maintained all season long and have BY FAR been better than any other trails in the area.  .  .   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to make sure that your trails were groomed to perfection and I look forward to next season where we will once again… start and end each ride."

"Just came from the north, 46 corners/Hanafin... Trails fantastic.  Great job all year. Thanks."

"Thanks for a great season!!  You all are the best!!"

"It is the best part of the day after getting beat up on the hill to see the tc riders brown and white sign."

"If you have kept on heading south it was phenomenal.  TC was like mid January.  I mean perfectly flat and did not see one bare spot on their entire system."

"Got to hanifin rd. @ 8:30 am, second vehicle there.  Rode TC Rider trail till noon and all I can say is they were all "SWEET".

"You guys keep the best trails on the Hill, Always enjoy your system.  

"I just wanted to say thanks to you guys.  Last year while riding it was an absolute blessing once we hit your trails.  So well groomed it made riding a joy.  So thank you to everyone that works so hard."

"We do alot of riding in your area and love the trails and how well they're maintained."

"I chose your club because I always find your trails in excellent condition!"

"And as always TC riders trails are a great definition of what separates the men from the boys... Hands down the best trails I've ridden in my 25 years on a sled ... Hats off to you guys and thank you for the great job and hard work!!!!!!!!"

"Thank you for maintaining the best trails we ride. I can always tell when I get back on TC Riders groomed trails after riding elsewhere.   We only get up there a few times each year to ride so we appreciate all you do. Thanks again."

"Man, what should have been no surprise, but was, that as soon as I hit the Welcome to TC Riders sign, it was near tabletop smooth! From 46-corners along Houlahan Rd. No wonder that crew wins awards! (And all their stakes look perfectly painted)

This video was sent to us by our intrepid internet researcher (known to us as Oko).     I remember in the late 1960's watching the V-plows smash drifts in the Poland, Newport, and Middleville area.   This is a classic demonstration of "TORQUE vs HORSEPOWER".   click here:  Plowing Tug Hill - 1939 style.


Camden-Williamstown Trail

Osceola Groomer at the Camden Night Riders Snow Show, November, 1977 


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