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2017 - 2018 Season

The Board of Directors is comprised of five officers and up to ten members elected at the Annual Meeting in March.


Dave Haflett

(315) 495-6296
Vice President Barry Kirch (315) 245-2499
Treasurer Chele Rivenburg (315) 245-0150
Secretary Barbara Cox (203) 500-1582
Director of
Steve Unruh (315) 675-8855

Board of Directors
Bill Staelens (315) 525-2854 Bob Place (315) 225-7625
Ted Gay (315) 245-0731 Bob Reed (315) 281-6569
John Seward (315) 335-2559 Aaron Mahoney (360) 601-4205
Jim Simmons (315) 245-5123 Darlene Haflett (315) 495-6296
Keith Williams (315) 821-7202 Tim Collins (315) 750-0809
Gary Sanborn (315) 338-8209 Art Crossman (315) 225-0936
Mark Benoit (315) 794-4180 --- ---
T.C. Riders Board of Directors manages Club affairs through a committee system. Contact the committee chairperson to learn more about a committee or to volunteer your services. It's your club!
T.C. Riders Committees
Committee Contact Phone
Long Range Planning Bob Place 315-225-7625
Trails and Landowners --Open-- ---
Eqmt. Maint. & Procurement Dave Haflett 315-495-6296
Finance Bob Place 315-245-0615
Membership Steve Unruh 315-675-8855
Public Relations, Educ., & Safety --Open-- ---
Communications Steve Unruh 315-675-8855
Events Board of Directors

NYSSA Contact Info (5-10-2010)

NYSSA mailing address:   PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040.
NYSSA Website:
Executive Director - Dominic Jacangelo
Primary Office phone:    1-888-624-3849.
For general questions: Ext. 101
Trail Coordinator:    Ext. 102
Membership:    Ext. 103
Executive Director:    Ext. 104
FAX number:   1-888-317-2441.
Note: Faxes are received electronically as PDF files for ease of distribution and storage.
Click here to E-mail NYSSA at

About Our Club
T.C. Riders Snowmobile Club, organized in 1988 and incorporated in 1993, is a completely volunteer organization with membership open to the public. As part of the New York State Corridor Trail System, our trails are open to the public on a non-fee basis. Maintaining and operating a trail system is costly. Funds come from snowmobile registrations and hi-way fuel tax refunds administered by the NYS Office of Parks Recreation and Historical Preservation (OPRHP). It is not nearly enough. Our other funding sources are membership dues, contributions, and fund-raisers. All are critical to our mission of maintaining superb trails for your riding safety and pleasure. Combining NYS funding and Club revenue, T.C. Riders is able to purchase:
  • grooming equipment & other trail maintenance equipment
  • construction supplies for bridges & culverts
  • trail signs, stakes, & reflectors
  • fuel & maintenance for equipment
  • supplies for safety courses
  • administrative supplies
  • Website, newsletter, & other communications

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