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DPW Trailer Parking

2018 - 2019 Season. . . follow us on FaceBook or visit NYSSA' interactive trail map for current trail reports!!
PLEASE NOTE!! Trail advisories on this page refer ONLY to T.C. Riders trail system. Conditions in Lewis County (north "Hill") are often markedly different from conditions in the Florence / Camden area of Oneida County (south "Hill").  For information on conditions north of Camden, contact a club maintaining trails in that area or a local Tug Hill business.
REMEMBERVillage of Camden allows snowmobiles on all streets except NYS Routes 13 & 69. Please keep your speed safe and reasonable (SLOW!) Yield right-of-way to all traffic and all pedestrians everywhere and all the time.

STAY OFF SIDEWALKSWe have had complaints of sleds on sidewalks and on people's yards.  If this continues we may loose the privilege of riding in the village.   We understand streets are often bare when there is adequate snow coverage on the sidewalks.  We understand sidewalks are often the only way to avoid NYS routes 13 & 69; that is what we have to live with or not have any privilege at all of riding in the village.  In a normal winter with regular snowfall rather than regular rainstorms, using streets will not be a major problem.   

** As always, RESPECT LANDOWNERS and adhere to POSTED SIGNS as we want to keep our trail system functioning for your pleasure and ours. Ride safely!

  TRAILS: CLOSED -- Seasonal roads are open, however, grooming has stopped and snow is thin with water holes popping up.
We want to thank you our amazing land owners for allowing our love of the sport on their lands!! Without your continued support, we could not do what we all love. We had a great winter and appreciate our members' dedication to TC Riders and supporting our trail system. If anyone would like to help on trail brushing, working on fixing bridges this summer, please contact our Trail Coordinator Gary Sanborn at (315) 338-8209 or email him at garysanborn1@gmail.com
Again, thank you all and we look forward to a great 2019-2020 season in the fall!! Please stay on marked trails and obey signs. 

NORTH SECTION: (North of powerline & Florence / 46 Corners)

All NORTH Seasonal Roads: CLOSED -- Seasonal roads are open, however, grooming has stopped as well as snow is thin with water holes popping up. Visit our FaceBook for current and up-to-date reports from our amazing groomer operators or visit NYSSA' interactive trail map.  Ride with caution and obey the NY State speed limit of maximum 55mph.
SOUTH SECTION: (South of powerline / Camden area / C-4M / C4B)

All SOUTH Trails: CLOSED -- Seasonal roads are open, however, grooming has stopped as well as snow is thin with water holes popping up. Visit our FaceBook for current and up-to-date reports from our amazing groomer operators or visit NYSSA' interactive trail map.  Ride with caution and obey the NY State speed limit of maximum 55mph.
Remember yield right to groomers!!!!!Yield to groomers sign
Pre-season Trail UPDATES for 2018-2019 Season:
* Trail C4I Power Lines - LOGGING IN PROCESSPlease take notice there will be a logging operation in progress for most of the winter on the south side of the power lines.  We have been in contact with the forester on the project and everything will be done to help minimize the impact to the snowmobile trail.  We will have caution signs posted in this area.  PLEASE obey the signs and travel through this area with extra caution as there may be logging equipment on or near the trail.

* Trail C4K - (Houlahan Road on the west end) is one of the areas impacted by logging.  PLEASE watch for changes in signage that will direct you closer to the Florence Road as you head west on the C4K trail.

* Trail C4I - south of the power lines has been graded and widened in some areas which will help with grooming and reducing wet spots.

* Trail C4M - between Mill Street and Pennymix Road - some culverts have been added along with grading; again hoping to reduce wet spots.  The ground in this area is very wet naturally but we hope this work will alleviate some of the problem.

* Trail C4B - heading east towards McConnellsville – NYS Parks has approved this trail to be included with the State trail system. PLEASE respect landowners and pay attention to QUIET areas so we do not lose this critical trail into Camden.

CLICK for the Accuweather Forecast 
*If you have hopes of riding in March, you MUST check Accuweather Forecast.
Snowfall Totals & Forecast (2017-2018 Season): WIXT CH 9, Syracuse
NOTE: Click on "WIXT" or "Weather Channel" link for up to date / current weather details.



Northern Chateau Webcams

Tug Hill Web Cams  

WebCam in Camden, NY


Jimapco Trail Map

NY Snowmobile Web Map 

Camden Weather Forecast (The Weather Channel)


The Northeast River Forecast Service (NERFC) "Snow Page" for the Northeast Region has links to numerous maps of interest.  If you're planning a snowmobile trip in the northeast, these snow maps may be helpful. 

NWS Snow Maps

Lake Ontario Surface Temp

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NOTE:  The 46 Corners area usually offers pretty good early & late season riding.   From Hanifin Corners [aka Mohawk Containers] it is a straight shot to Swancott Mill and Highmarket.   For those not familiar with Hanifin Corners, here's the map to help get you there.   Park on the side of the road as indicated by
the blue line & stay away from the corner.



Directions to Snowmobile Trailer Parking Area at Camden DPW (1 3rd St., Camden): 
Arriving in Camden via:
NY69 from the east (Rome), turn left on 3rd St. (by churches)
NY69 from the west (Parish), go thru traffic light, turn right on 3rd St.
NY13 from the north (Pulaski), after the second traffic light, turn left on Mechanic St. (by Pizza Plus)
NY13 from the south (Canastota), cross the bridge, then turn right on Mechanic St.

At the bottom of the hill is the DPW Garage.  Stay to the RIGHT of the building,  then proceed to your left behind the building to the snowmobile trailer parking area.   Please avoid parking immediately behind the DPW building unless the snowmobile trailer parking area is full. 


NOTE: This parking area is lighted and police patrolled. 

Directions to Downtown Area from the snowmobile trail:
Go thru the DPW parking area, proceed behind the DPW building, then straight up Mechanic St. shown on the right side of the picture (pizza & two gas stations available) -or-

For "off-street" snowmobile parking, turn right on 3rd St. in front of the DPW building, then left on Miner Ave.  Just before the traffic light, turn right into the village parking lot.  Most businesses have access using their back doors to the parking lot. 

For a map of Camden, click here.

Camden - Williamstown Corridor Trail C-4M

Click Here for C-4M story in pictures.

This new trail makes the Village of Camden accessible to many more riders and changes the traffic flow on our entire system.  Follow the signs to Downtown Camden.   Good places to eat.   Plenty of choices for fuel.   Ride right to the back of the Main Street retail stores and the ATM. 

Coming from Williamstown on C-4M, there are two ways to get to Downtown Camden:  

The shorter way (about 1.4 miles) is to cross Mill St. and follow the edge of Liberty St., turn left on Railroad St., cross NY 13 (Sunoco gas station will be across NY 13 just to the left) , turn right to pass in front of the Elementary School (do NOT use the school driveway), join Empey Ave., then immediately turn right onto 2nd St., cross Church St. (NY 69), turn right on South Park St. and that puts you at the parking lot for Main St.   The downside to this route is the amount of street riding. 
(Trails as shown on these maps are only approximate - not GPS data.)

The longer way (about 8.5 miles) is via C-4M, C-4i, & S-46B.  Turn left on Mill St., then left on the old railroad bed,  follow C-4M to the junction of C-4i on Jones Rd., turn right up the hill, then follow C-4i to S-46B (JCT#122). Follow S-46B to Camden DPW, then via local streets
to downtown. 

If you have any suggestions for trail improvement, use the e-mail link on this website.  And, if you have any compliments or complaints, send those along as well.

Camden - Williamstown Trail

Here's how to get there:     Use main corridor C-4i from Taberg or from 46 Corners.   Just north of Camden on C-4i is JCT 121 (old designation) on Jones Road - that's the beginning of C-4M (previously S-46).  It's approx 11 miles from (old) JCT121 to Westdale, Then another 5 miles to Williamstown via the old railroad bed.   There is one section of road to run (Curtiss & Rowell) that is about 1 mile.  We are working with landowners to eliminate it, but right now that's the way it is.

Village of Camden - Snowmobile Friendly!


The bridge in Johnson Park (pictured above) provides access to downtown Camden via Secondary Trail S-46B (connect from Corridor Trails C-4i & C-4M).  Snowmobile Trailer parking is available behind the Camden DPW garage and sleds have corridor trail access over this bridge.  Camden is a "snowmobile friendly" village - the only downtown area on Tug Hill accessible from the NYS Corridor Trails.  All village streets are open to snowmobile traffic with the exception of NY Routes 13 & 69.  We can keep the streets open by riding slowly and carefully in the village, yielding the right-of-way to all traffic and pedestrians.  It is very important to limit noise - all village areas are very noise sensitive.  Let's not loose this valuable downtown resource through careless speed and noise. 

A NOTE ON NOISE  .   .  .    If any of us had to name just one threat to our trail system, we probably could agree it would be NOISE.  Sleds have gotten quiet in recent years, unless the exhaust is modified for performance which usually means more noise.  Law enforcement is writing tickets for modified exhaust.  Many spots on our trail system are "Noise Sensitive."  Unfortunately, if the landowners close the trail at any of those points, we probably could not work out a re-route.  It does not take real brains to figure out where noise is a problem.  If you are in a residential area, then noise is a real problem.  And keep in mind that a loud exhaust is heard for great distance so just because it seems rural, we know you are there.  

    .  .  .  for 2017 - 2018 Season.
87 & 91 octane is available in Camden @ FASTRAC.  91 octane is available @ the COUNTRY STORE (Sunoco) & BYRNE DAIRY; 91 is available in Camden @ NICOLES.  

There is a new house on Lover's Lane in Camden.  Westbound, Continue past the house for a short distance, then turn right into the field.

Westbound in the Westdale area, the trail now turns right off of Curtiss Rd onto Rowell Rd.  
Proceed 1/2 mile to the Power Line.  Turn left onto Power Line and you are on the trail.

Eastbound in the Westdale area, the trail now exits the Power Line onto Rowell Rd.   Turn right.
Proceed 1/2 mile to Curtiss Rd.  Turn left onto Curtiss Rd.   Proceed 1/2 mile, turn right, and you are on the trail.

This road crossing is a very sensitive residential area and actually uses the neighbors’ yards.   Stay in the corridor and be alert for children playing in the yards. SLOW and QUIET in this area, please.  And STAY ON THE TRAIL!!

This trail (S-46B) crosses NY Rte 69 to the Grape 'n' Grog.  This is a VERY busy highway!  The bridge in Johnson Park connects this trail (S-46B) to the Camden DPW lot which is open for trailer parking.  All village streets (EXCEPT State highways!) are open to snowmobiles making "Downtown Camden" snowmobile accessible .   Please ride responsibly. 

When parking at Hanifin Corners (this is 1 mile south of 46 Corners), be sure to obey the "No Parking Here to Corner" advisory signs.   Law Enforcement has issued tickets for parking beyond these signs.   Please, as always, honor the "No Snowmobiles" signs in the neighbors' yards.  If there are no signs, please stay out of the yards anyway. 

This is a VERY noise-sensitive area.  Residents at the crossing ask that sleds not park at the crossing and engage in loud conversation or leave motors running.  Noise is the leading complaint against our sport.  Let's not lose a trail for something that is entirely avoidable.

Absolutely and without exceptions or lame excuses, Respect "NO SNOWMOBILES" and "STAY ON TRAIL" signs.   Failure to comply will result in loss of the trail.  This would be BAD NEWS!  Sleds would have to use the highway to connect to the Redfield trail.  It is not certain that Oneida County would open the highway for snowmobiles to connect to the trail. 

T.C. Riders Snowmobile Club
We take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to all of our members.   T.C. Riders is committed to maintaining the best trail system in NYS for our members and guests!   We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Use the convenient e-mail link at the top of each web page. 


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Rules of the Trail 

NYS law trail speed limit maximum is 55 MPH.

NYS law requires all snowmobiles to yield the right-of-way to the groomer.

When overtaking the groomer from behind, always wait for the groomer to stop before you pass.

If you encounter hazardous trail conditions, flag down the groomer and advise the groomer operator or . . .
You can report trail conditions/hazards to:

Gary Sanborn: (315) 338-8209 or @ garysanborn1@gmail.com

Trail comments, suggestions, and advisories
are always welcome.

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Trailer Parking Sites

(1) Camden DPW Garage, Corner of 3rd & Mechanic Street **
(2) American Legion, Moran Post Road, Camden ***
(3) Grape 'n' Grog, NY Rte 69 (east), Camden    -weekdays only!!
(4) Florence Hotel, Downtown Florence.

** NOTE:  Parking at the Camden DPW has direct trail access to
                  Corridors 4i & 4M via the bridge in Johnson Park.
*** NOTE:  Park behind the Legion toward the rear.   Be careful not to block
                  the snowmobile trail.

These businesses plow the parking lots at their own expense.  Help keep this critical service to our sport by supporting the business where you park.


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