C4M Village of Camden – Temporary Reroute (2022-2023)

C4M Village Temporary Reroute
We are working with NYSSA to update the interactive map for 2022-2023.

In short:

C4M Williamstown Oswego County/Kasoag Club North to: Osceola, STH or Redfield club trails is C4B to C4i North at Jct 122. Or C4B Jct 122 to C4i East to McConnelsville & Taberg trail.

In more Details

Williamstown trail crosses Mill Street, (here you can access Mc D’s and The Station eateries) down Liberty St to road crossing @ State Rte 69 . Down Lehigh St to Preston Hill Rd- crossing onto old railroad bed, quick turn into Wire Mill’s business lot. Trail crosses Rte 13 near Napa store, along river, thru the Covered Foot Bridge then another footbridge thru the Grape N Grog property where there is Parking available during weekdays only. Trail C4B crosses State Rte 69 to Moran Post Rd trail to the Camden American Legion where Parking is also available. Continue north at Jct 122 to C4i N and crosses Wolcott Hill Rd to Mahogany Ridge Tavern & Grill and all points North above 46 Corners and Allen’s Florence Hotel/Tavern.