Trail Reroute for Trail C4M

There is temporary trail reroute for trail C4M this year due to a loss of landowner permission. The trail will no longer follow Quarry Road and Lover’s Lane. The trail will come down Trail C4I to Pernasus Street and River Road. Watch for the “New Trail” and “Trail Reroute” signs.

The club asks that you please drive slow and respect homeowners property during this temporary reroute. It will take you past the elementary school and down 2 streets in the Village of Camden. Ride Slow and respect the landowners

Travel from the North Follow C4I to the local trail to the Country Store. The Trail will run in front of the elementary school, cross Route 13 by the Country Store and continue on Railroad Avenue to Liberty Street. Travel on Liberty Street and rejoin the existing trail behind the Station Restaurant. Follow the New Trail Signs.

Travel from Williamstown Follow C4M to the Mill Street intersection. Cross Mill Street and go behind Mystic Stamp. Follow the “New Trail” signs along Liberty Street and Railroad Avenue to connect with trail C4I.